marketing problems on the mind of small business ownersThe iConcierge model is designed to facilitate integrated marketing with an outsourced marketing strategy for local small businesses and organizations without the time, expertise or internal resources to manage their marketing
in-house. Marketing for small business takes time and effective project management requires strict oversight of tasks. This is considerable administration time you could be spending in other critical areas of your business. Our model brings experience and efficiency to your bottom line.

It Starts With A Conversation

We start with a conversation to understand the challenges you face in meeting your marketing objectives. From there, we’ll propose the solution best suited to your goals and your budget.

Select Services or All-Inclusive Coordination

Whether you need help with only Select Services from our menu or All Inclusive marketing coordination, a personal marketing concierge serves as a single point of contact to ensure an integrated marketing approach that leverages content across multiple channels to maximize your spend and ensure brand consistency.

Integrated Marketing With A Single Point of Contact

Through a choice network of partner specialists, we deliver the full capability of a traditional marketing department. We manage an integrated marketing plan with these trusted vendors to allow small business owners to focus on what they do best – run the business.

The iConcierge vendor partner network consists of subject matter experts across all marketing channels, each carefully vetted and selected for their shared values, quality of work and impeccable ethic.

Our services are designed to be flexible and can be provided on a fee-for-service, retainer or project basis. Your priorities define the approach. Our priority is to provide you with the right services at the right cost.


You have a need and no time to research or implement a solution. Done. We match your need with our subject matter expert partners and facilitate your project from proposal through delivery. We serve as your single liaison throughout. Our strength is in understanding how our clients operate. You’ll always know when something requires your direction and you’ll recognize relief from all the things that don’t.


You have a special project and need a short-term offsite administrator to handle the development and launch. You got it. We will arrange for a central shared project management portal to communicate, keep you up to date on project status, and create a central repository for documentation.